Austin Jaguars

Austin Jaguars – *We can and We’ll* The Austin Jaguars are a newly-formed team that will be participating in the Masters Cricket USA tournament. The team is made up of talented experienced players from the Central Texas area, primarily from Austin and San Antonio. Syed Shafique, who is currently involved with the Masters Cricket USA O50. He is playing as a wicket keeper batsman. He is running his own league as ‘San Antonio Premier Cricket League (SAPCL)’, will be leading the team. The team has a well-balanced composition, including Syed Kaleem, Asif Zubair, Sameer, Aroon and Abhijit who have all demonstrated exceptional performances in the local Central Texas Cricket League (CTCL) over the years. Supporting them in the middle order are Abid Maknojia, Hari, Syed Shafique, Srini, Sumeer, and Sudhaker. The team’s bowling talent is exceptional, with Abhijit, Amarjeet, and Aroon handling the pace department and Murali, Yeshwant, and Saghir handling the spin department. The wicket keeping department will be under control of USA O50 National Team wicketkeeper Syed Shafique and will be equally supported by Hari and Sumeer. The Austin Jaguars are known for their love and passion for the game, and they firmly believe that there is always something new to learn, no matter how much cricket one has played. The team is eager to raise the spirit of the game both on and off the field and will undoubtedly make its mark on the Master Cricket tournament.

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