Texas United

Texas United

In It to Win It….

Texas United is excited to be a part of Masters Cricket USA tournament, this will be their first time entering this tournament. Predominantly from DFW area we are planning to expand our team to cover players from all regions of Texas for future tournaments.

The team is led by Moazzam Ali who has led NTCA team in Central West tournament in the past. The team consist of some of the best players from North Texas with pace battery spearheaded by Nimish Sakalle, Shaik Khadarvalli & Faisal Choghle. Spin department is well rounded by Neeraj Kumar and Jawaid Tariq. Batting is going to be led by Srinath Tirumala, Abdul Raheem & Purathatil Kirshnan, and capping off our all-rounders will be Suresh Arjunan, Om Sachdev and Udai Kanukolanu.

Texas United stands for integrity and passion for the game of cricket on and off the field and will prove itself to be the best addition in Master Cricket USA.

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