United Masters

United Masters from NJ made its foray into the USA Masters cricket regionals in 2022. After making a reasonably impressive debut, United Masters will participate in 2023 version from March 4 to 8 in Houston, TX. The experience of 2022 will come in handy and the squad has some fresh faces who will surely shore up the performances of the team.

The United Masters team is led by Ketan Patel a left-handed batsmen with a very impressive record and has been playing in NJ for nearly 3 decades.

1)Ketan Patel

2)Jigar Patel

3)Dipesh Patel

4)Hari Rangisetty

5)Prakesh Tiwari

6)Rohin Rana

7)Uday Patel

8)Paresh Deshmukh

9)Nirav Patel

10)Rajat Dhingra

11)Sushant konda

12)Ankit Pandya

13)Ravindra Tempalli

14)Shirish Mehta

15)Raj Jasani

Rohin Rana, Sushant Konda (former Karnataka Ranji player) Rajat Dhingra, Uday Patel, Ravi Tempalli, Nirav Patel, Shirish Mehta, Dipesh Patel are making their debut in Masters. All if them are highly skilled and experienced players. United Masters is a very well balanced team with explosive batsmen in middle and a very sound opening pair at the top, backed by extremely capable lower order batsmen. The bowling too is in good hands with experienced seam bowlers backed by very skillful spinners. United Masters has all the bases covered to go very deep in the tournament.

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